If you forget it?
I will forgive it!
Drill baby drill, I’m ready to spawn!
I got mad cow, what’s your excuse?
And every Endeavor I tried to be a better
Version of myself.
I love life even if it kills me!
I’m always at the mercy of all those
Things that I am not!
Of all those things that I haven’t
Every day, I found more and more and
More of those things!
I wonder why la so difficult to embrace
Who I am? Be content with that, and
Enjoy life, why?
Intimacy is not always about sex, but
About allowing our humanity to be
Awake by the worming and gentle touch
If another human being
I could marry my best friend!
Think about of the possibilities?
Sex won’t be a problem we
Both are straights
We’ll sleep and separate beds
We won’t be needing to
Read each other’s minds!
Or explain exactly what we mean with
What we say!
We can go fishing or hunting per se
Well will smoke the same cigars and
Drink a good wine
Enjoying a good steak with that worrying
How fat we will get
And if there is a fight I know he will be
Always by my side
Enjoying women left and right
Definitely I want to marry my best friend.
Forever not for better.
Friendship is like a backyard garden
If we want it to flourish
We must take the time
To invest on it.
That my friends is, friendship.