There are three kinds
of man
the man that makes
things happen,
The men who see
when things happen,
and the men
who wonders
what happened.
And if you’re the
that think you
deserve everything
from life
you already are
the third person.
And if you are
the man
who thinks you’re
entitled to
in life, you
are the second
But if you have
no use
for excuses,
or you don’t
think twice to do
the right thing
and, the answer to
situations in life
that require your
response is either
yes, or no
If you have honor
and not pride
and not hate
Play by the rules,
and dirty if
you have to
And you are loyal
as a dog
treat others, like
you want to be
And your word
Is as good
as your name.
You are
a man who,
Who make,
things happen