Another Time

I often wonder who I am,
to yearn for your Love?
wasn’t I whom scoundrel the moments?
we have to share,
on which you have no saying,
you were born into them.
It is not easy for me to reflect
and every little aspect of it,
but it’s all I have today.
It is clear that I’m a victim of my own ways,
and sincerely I’m not trying to appeal to your
sympathy, this is not a bargaining this is not a
deal in the making, I’m just thinking of what
could’ve been, if things would turn out in a
different way, grown on a different field.
Time is the tyrant, governing our lives
making of our memories the most wonderful
treasures we cherish,
Pushing us forward, not allowing us to go back,
not even an inch
If you dare to define it! Running from it hiding
from it, pretending that you are dead!
That is something you always, going to regret.
Given the right to others, to have unrealistic
expectations of you, is the same as making promises,
that you don’t know how are you going to keep them,
either way, you are doom.
Thinking that tomorrow might be your day,
is only for fools.
All I have to do, was to follow the rules
all I wanted was to have a little place
in this world that I could rule
Well, you know what they say,
If in this matter nothing else can be done?
Well then, maybe in another time.