My anger was the medicine to everything,
my response to life and everything on it
I’m not angry anymore! Your memory is
fading out of my heart, now I’m lost. I don’t know
how to explain what I feel anymore been angry
was better, then being lost.
You know the old saying, you have to hang on to
your hope, well one time we party all night the next day
l call her, she was gone. I never hear from her again,
she lied to me she told me no worries everything was
going to be okay.
I never thought life, will end this way
It’s really hard to recognize who I am anymore
I’m dying from the inside out, blood is barely flowing
through my veins
My lungs don’t recognize oxygen anymore
And my brain is full of visitors, schizophrenia, psychosis,
depression, and anxiety, once in a while a fight brakes among
them to see who’s going to be in charge of the crazy department
the that day.
One thing I could still say, I still have a few friends
I don’t know why I bother to complain I’m a miserable
buster, hey won’t you say? It looks like I’m getting angry
again, I haven’t felt this good in a long time,
Well so long friend, I’m going to try to enjoy the little
time I got left, I’m not going to use it anymore to complain
Dying angry is better than dying without feeling anything again
a fight is about to begin.