A fistful of dreams

If you dare to gaze into my eyes
they could explain
that I seek not who did it to me
but who is going to pay for it.
I am tired of thinking,
of trying to understand,
how I made it to this place.
There’s nothing else to do
but the consequences pay.
I have vowed my life to change,
to get started I am seeking
the precise place
where a fistful of broken dreams
I could lay to rest.
This burden I need no longer carry.
What good does it do me to cry?
What good does it do me to sigh?
One last time I’ll close my eyes,
and when my face once more awaken
shall not look behind.
There is no need to mark that place.
I will forget it and never to it return.
It is never too late to start anew,
not matter the price that’s needed to be paid.
It shall not cross my way ever again.
To fail again, I prefer to die, to stop breathing,
I do not wish to remember
who I was, but I know now who I am
and I know where my life shall end.